Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So, How's the Game Work?

Ah, day 3 of the production blog. I suppose it's time to explain how the game actually works.

The basic premise is "Light Demons have invaded Shadowland and possessed all of the creatures. It's up to you to stop them!" (I'll go more into the story once I get the cut-scenes drawn out for you.)

It's sort of your basic platformer. All the enemies are these glowing light creatures:

(Well, in game they glow...the glow doesn't export well into an animated gif)

Somewhere in the level each enemy has a lightswitch. When you turn it off they become shadow versions of themselves
At which point they're harmless and you can merge with them to use their abilities to solve puzzles and get around obstacles. (You can only flip one switch at a time, though. Once you deactivate one, it reactivates all the others.)

For instance if you wanted to get to the ledge in the upper left:

You'd kill the little flying dude, and fly up there.

That's an easy example...

Eventually it'd get a bit'd have to dodge spikes and stuff...

Should be fun...

Here's hoping

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