Get the Game!

With great excitement and mild exhaustion, I'm happy to announce that we now have an alpha version of Off-Switch available on the Android Market! This demo contains all of world one. So download it, find bugs, show it off to your friends, and have a merry time!

Download Off-Switch V0.1

Feel free to post any suggestions/critiques/bug reports either as comments on this post or emailed to (Art/level design) or (programming/bugs).

Known Issues
  • Shadow's head may pass through blocks when hit from the side

1. Q: Why won't this run on my device? 
    A: If it doesn't install at all, it's possible that your phone is running on an older version of Android. To make multitouch work correctly, the app supports Android 2.2 and later. 

2. Q: Why can't I save my game?
    A: Saved games aren't in yet.. However, if you hit your phones menu button, there's a skip level button to help you get back to where you left off. No cheating!

3. Q: Can I play on my PC?
    A: Unfortunately, no. The only way to run android apps on a PC is with the AVD Emulator, which is build into the SDK and more for debugging than anything. It lags TERRIBLY.

4. Q: Are you going to make an iPhone version?
    A: Short answer: No. Long answer.. The Android API is built on java, and the iOS API uses Objective C. This means essentially rewriting all of my code. On top of that, my understanding is that Apple charges a 100 dollar developer license fee to write apps, along with requiring the programmer to have an iMac and an iOS device for testing. Finally, apps can't be installed on phones unless approved by Apple, so I wouldn't be able to send you a development version anyways!