Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Designing Shadow Jones

So, I guess I'll start off with the development of the main character, Shadow Jones, the Shadow from Shadowland.

Funny enough, he started out as a magician:
It was an idea for a short film I had a couple years ago about a sort of magic duel between a magician and a sorcerer. Not the greatest idea in the world, but I wanted it to be in a cool, silhouettey style.

Anyway, eventually I canned it in favor of what became The Mighty Hunter

After TMH I was back to trying to find an idea for my next short and started doodling that magician again.

If you look across those pages from right to left you can almost see him change from the magician to the shadow. I eventually simplified his slicked back hair into just that little swoosh in the back, and dropped the sleeves and pants in favor of simple arms and legs.

Eventually it became a story about a little shadow who's wandering around one day when he finds a little glowing light bulb. He reaches out to touch it and the light burns his hand off. Once the light bulb has a taste for shadow flesh it starts chasing him around and stuff. Then the shadow...


or something...

I never really worked out the story 100%...

It was becoming little more than an extended chase scene, so I was about to scrap it. Then I figured it'd make a cool game, so I suggested it to Cody.

Now that's what it is...

Here are some sprites of him in a couple of the forms he takes in the game:


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