Sunday, January 22, 2012

Progress 1/23/2012

So I noticed that while we have many informative posts describing different elements of the game, there's really no indication of how far along things currently are. So I figured I'd give a quick update on the current state of Offswitch, along with some stats.

As of now, all of the framework is in place for a simple platformer. The tiling system is in place, so levels of any size can be quickly created and loaded into the game. There are currently 3 enemies (light traps, slimes, and stingers), one player type (default), and 2 statics (doors and levers). Levers are functional, flipping enemies from their light state to their shadow state. Enemies are also killable, though no transformations exist in game yet.

The things I'm working on now (in order of priority):
  • Stinger transformation (allows player to fly, but removes ability to flip levers)
  • Parallax gradients (Gradient in background moves with player, but at a different speed relative to the level)
  • Pause/resume states (Currently, player will restart at beginning of level if app loses focus)
  • Slight bug fixes
Also, we will soon be talking about how to implement boss fights. We are hoping to have a demo available once world one (levels 1-1 to 1-3 and boss fight) is completed. The demo should feature the flying transformation and near-final versions of all world 1 levels.

Now for some fun stats!
  • Assets: 83 (levels, sprite sheets, etc.)
  • Assets in game: 34 images, 3 level files
  • Classes: 12
  • Lines of code: 3,272
  • Project size:  4.25 MB
  • Application size: 1.05 MB
  • Revisions: ~350
  • Number of times the word "Offswitch" appears in source code: 85
  • Start date: Dec 23, 2011 (1 month old today!)
  • Most revised class: (Collision is hard!)

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