Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Sprites

So, here are some of the sprites I've been working on for world 2.
New Transformation! New power!

These were a lot of fun to do. Trying to really push the cartooniness to make transforming feel really cool in game. I'll talk more about the robot power and its features in a later post.

New Enemy!

Here's the Roboshoot 5000. He shoots at you. He doesn't die like the stingers in the first world, he just shuts down so you can always go back for the power. 

New checkpoints!

In the past we used the light gates as vague checkpoints. That wasn't their original function, and the checkpoint spots were kinda thrown in as an afterthought. We've now made for real checkpoints and are placing them more thoughtfully, which is important because the levels in world 2 are a lot longer. In the future we're also going to revamp world 1, placing them less haphazardly, and reworking enemy positions to ease the learning curve. 

Turrets! They shoot at you!

Oh no!

That's it.

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